How to use StolenCars24

What is StolenCars24 for?

StolenCars24 is an European database for stolen vehicles. Anyone whose car was stolen may report this to this database free of charge. On the other hand, all potential buyers of an used car can check in advance if the vehicle in question was reported stolen to us somewhere in Europe. A direct contact between the owner and the finder of the car can be initiated if desired by displaying the owners e-mail address.

How can I register a car in the database?

Just select the menu item "Report Car Stolen". You will have to specify at least the vehicle ID (VIN) and your e-mail address. Other data of the car (like make, model, color, ...) can be entered additionally to make an identification for others easier . You can choose if your e-mail address shall be displayed to the finder of a car or not. You find the vehicle ID (Vehicle Identification Number VIN) in your registration documents.

How can I check if a vehicle is reported stolen?

After selecting the menu item "Check if Stolen" enter the vehicle ID (VIN) of the car you are searching for. If it is reported stolen to us, the owner may additionally agree to display his e-mail address to the finder.

Is it possible to remove an entry from the database again?

You can remove your entry from the database at any time (e.g. because the missing vehicle was found). Under menu item "Delete Entry" specify the vehicle ID (VIN) together with the e-mail address you used for the registration in order to delete the entry (together with all associated data like your e-mail address) permanently from our database. We need the e-mail address to ensure that no unauthorized persons are removing entries.

Terms of Use and Data Privacy Policy

StolenCars24 is a service provided free of charge and works anonymously. This includes all services like registration, deleting and searching for entries. The stored data (especially the provided e-mail address) is only shown within search requests for this specific vehicle ID (VIN) in question. This data is not provided to any third party (e.g. for advertising purposes). Likewise we are not using the specified e-mail address to send any advertising e-mails (spam) to you. As this service is free of charge we cannot give any guarantee that it is permanently available at all the time. Automatic driven requests (by programs) and embedding this service into other web pages are in general not allowed, unless Ulrich Zistl permits this in a written statement.